Big holiday tags

The one thing I don't like about the holidays? The tiny holiday tags! Seems petty right? Well when you want to write, "To: The Westmorelands - From Uncle John, Aunt Kimi, and cousin Nicholas" you need some room and those itty bitty sticker tags that you can buy at any mass retailer just don't cut it. Then there's always that one design that makes you cringe and gets used only as a last resort. And be honest, that one ugly, tiny tag ends up on a gift for the neighbor. Right? You know I'm right.

So my gift to you are these clean, modern, large tags with enough room to write. They're not cutesy and they don't even say "Merry Christmas" or "Keep Christ in Christmas". Write it on there if you want to, there's room! Print them on cardstock or slick, glossy paper, your choice. What, who says that, "your choice"? Like I have time to drive to your house and make sure you're using the paper I suggest. If you can feed a paper towel through your printer to print these on, then by all means, be my guest. YOUR CHOICE.
*Disclaimer, not responsible for damage to printers.


Bobbie said...

These are gorgeous!!