Word of the Year: Relevant

It's been awhile since I unleashed, ranted, waved my arms and said, "what is wrong with people?!" but whoa are things starting to take shape around here. Take for example a certain person who I've considered a friend, I shall call her "Edna". I've been helping Edna with various things, yet when it comes down to me needing something in return, Edna is full of excuses. So full in fact, that my mother-in-law visiting us for the holidays was even exasperated with Edna's excuses. We shook our heads over the situation and placed bets on whether Edna would come through on a promise. The days turned into nights, and Edna didn't respond until the 11th hour on the last day. Edna wasted my time and seriously jeopardized our friendship with her actions, yet I'm certain she's completely obliviously to this fact.

I very rarely will ever talk about church and religion on my blog, but today's service struck a chord and it's worth repeating in an open forum. The pastor was discussing our church's history and it's recent anniversary. The discussion turned to how the church will continue along a certain path for years to come, and remain relevant. The word "relevant" was used over and over again, and he said it's no surprise that many churches are losing members because the church is no longer relevant to that church member. He said you can walk into some churches and truly wonder if the church ever reads the front page news because what they are preaching doesn't pertain to today's church-goers. They can't relate. It's not relevant.

I was searching for my word for 2014 and now I've found it, or maybe it found me. Relevant. If there's a person, place, thing, or action that is no longer relevant to me and my life, I want no part of it. I've been cleaning up my Facebook friends and removing people who are no longer relevant. I don't care to have 1000's of friends, I want the relevant ones. It's already causing some controversy among some that I've removed. "What happened, I can't see your posts?" Replying, "you're no longer relevant to me," seems a bit harsh and until I, ahem, grow a pair, my strategy is to just ignore their pleas. The decision was made, it's more than decluttering.

And so 2014, I choose to stay relevant.


Bobbie said...

Bravo! That is a very important thing to do, and a very difficult one when it comes to cutting out people. I am proud of you, and inspired. I probably will not weed out my FB, but I think there are going to be a lot of letting go of attitudes, excuses, and other non-tangibles over here. Thanks for being such an awesome (and entirely relevant) friend!