You can pay me with a frappuccino, but pay me!

Judging by the number of ads wanting a designer for a super awesome start-up and it'll totally be a portfolio builder, it seems to be an uphill battle to get paid to do what I do. And I don't need anymore projects in my portfolio. I've got a few years doing this under my belt, you jerk.

I've worked for international companies as an art director, and have designed materials for small local businesses, and I am constantly surprised by the number of people who think designs can be pulled out of the air on a whim, served on a silver platter, and handed over gratis. Being creative between 8 am-5 pm is not how I operate. It's more like 10 am-noon, and 8 pm-1 am.

See that Zazzle sidebar? I have a few (old) designs that you can put on the item of your choice and buy it. What a concept, paying me for my work! Go get a santa shirt, they're all the rage this time of year. In the coming weeks, I'm opening a new online store with all new designs. Have a specific request? Like maybe someone to design your holiday cards? Look no further. But remember, it'll cost you*. *Starbucks gift cards may be used as currency in some cases.
Side note: as I was typing up this post, my wireless printer came to life and acted like it was about to print something. Does that mean someone is standing outside of my window hacking in to my wireless network to print their homework? And how would they come in my house to retrieve it without me noticing? Am I about to be kidnapped? ACK, it did it again! Help! Anyone? Hello?!


Bobbie said...

That last part made me giggle. Hope your printer hasn't eaten you!