How is it possible that I am the mom (a really cool mom, I might add) to a fifth grader? Not just any fifth grader, but a really smart and funny kid who has the craziest ideas that make you stop and say, "huh, that could work. Why hasn't anyone else thought of that?" He's not just skating by on his good looks people. (Although it doesn't hurt one bit!)

On the other hand that means next year I'll be the mom to a middle schooler. O.M.G.  I can remember sixth grade like it was yesterday. Mrs. Grafton's class and her crazy math projector, the first dance with boys - a sock hop in the gym during school hours with teachers pairing us up. So very romantic.

Anyways, I should probably start ending my coolness and buy some embroidered earrings and mom jeans for the impeding event of a middle schooler in the house, in just 9 months. Out with the three inch heels and in with safety shoes. Somebody schedule me a perm!

First day of 5th grade in front of
our current house.
And then when we drove to the
new school, we stopped for a pic in
front of our soon to be new house.