I've said it before...

I'm back. Again. I know I have this love/hate relationship with my blog and I see that it currently hates me. The design is all wonky, so I need to get that fixed soon. That's my punishment for not writing anything in 11 months.

So why exactly am I back? It's not like I abandoned millions of fans, so why bother, right? Thanks to some  friends inquiring about what I'd been up to, asking questions about our house, our lives, it came down to more than you can really post on Facebook. Good thing I remembered my login info.

And then there was Pinterest. I am trying so hard to keep from going crazy in our new house with Pinterest projects. I'll be posting some of the projects I've pinned and recreated later, along with my custom scale of easy vs. a ridiculous amount of cursing. In the meantime, follow my boards here .