Insane in the membrane.

What is wrong with me? Clearly I have taken one step too far off the deep end to login to my blog account. ACHOO! Bit dusty around here....Let's get caught up:
My tv show kitchen.
  1. We move in 10 days into a house with a gorgeous kitchen. I envision a lot of baking taking place with a lot less frustration because there will be plenty of room for the tv cameras to capture my baking prowess. Sandra Lee doesn't know I'm after her job.
  2. Speaking of jobs, I'm looking for a new one - again.(I'm looking at you Sandra!) I don't know how I find these places, but it has gotten interesting at work lately. 'Nuff said.
  3. File this under "what the hell is she thinking", but I was chosen as one of  the state contestants for the Mrs. Texas pageant 2012. Only my closest friends and family know - and my 3 blog readers now do too. I have exactly 9 months from today to get sponsors, a gown, and oh yeah, get in shape to walk across the stage in a bikini - just a minor thing right? Uh yeah.
  4. I changed clothes four times today, sweating over what fabulous outfit to wear to the "Back to School" event this morning. Why as women do we feel the need to make sure everyone likes us? I think maybe I just don't want to be "the new weird mom", since with our move comes a new school district. I settled on jeans, cute heels, and a zebra print t-shirt (thank you Miley Cirus for making me look hip!). Either my shirt was so out of the norm, or they could just tell we were new parents by the deer in headlights look we had navigating the hallways, because we were approached by A LOT of people saying "hi, you must be new here." Was it the wacky shirt, or maybe the parents at this school are so close they can smell a stranger? I'll never know.