Our lines are crossed.

I have 2 gmail accounts. Actually 3, but one is defunct and I won't get into that now. One of the 2 is my personal email account, and the other is for business. When Google Voicemail was first offered, I thought, "neato - I can have my voicemail transcribed so I don't have to call in to retrieve it." Well, I accidentally set up the voicemail for my business email address instead of my personal email and Google does not offer any way to delete the voicemail number or service from your email. So I thought, whatever, I just won't ever give that number to anyone, and I'll set it up for my personal email like I first intended to do.

And so the calls began.

First I was confused. Really, really confused. Why in the world was I getting calls from alcoholics? No, these were not midnight drunk calls, but day time calls, and they go something like this, "Hi this is Rob. I'm calling about the sober house and I want to find out what I need to do to get a bed there tonight. Call me back..." Umm...ok. See, I don't ever answer my phone if it's a number I don't recognize, and I'm getting a lot of calls for a lot of numbers not already programmed into my cell phone. That translates into a lot of voice messages like that one.

I contacted Google, and found out that the number they assigned to me, already belongs to a local sober living house. The only way to change the number is to pay a $10 fee. Yes, I pay for Google's mistake in assigning a number that already belonged to an existing business. The sober living house doesn't want to pay the fee and I don't want to pay the fee, so here we are with me playing secretary and kindly forwarding the voicemail transcripts via email to the sober center. Good thing I'm a nice person vs. taking down all those names and numbers, and creating a website called www.ismyspouseorsignificantotheranalcoholicbuthasreachedoutforhelpintheaustinarea.com