Keeping Austin Weird

Some days it feels like no matter where I go, or what I do, something odd will occur during my day. Living in Austin, I believe gives me more of these days then the average person in another city. Take for example my lunchtime trip to the grocery store to pick up two items.

Cat litter and cough drops. You can tell a lot about a person by what they're buying at the store, and what their priorities are at that moment. Cat litter because we're out and have to keep the box extra fresh since the house is on the market. Cough drops for my annoying, tickly cough and my desire to make it go away. And it needs to go away now. That's all I needed to get, then I could head back to work. However, it's never that easy in my world. 

I chose the express lane for people with 10 items or less. Things are moving along and I'm only the 3rd person in line. The first person, a woman, is finishing up and grabbing her bag of groceries. I notice she's covered in tattoos that seem fairly new because they aren't sun faded, and she has that edgy coolness about her.  Is that Kat Von D? Nah...The guy in front of me doesn't even have any groceries, and is just holding a dollar bill in his left hand. Score, I'll be outta here soon and can stop at Starbucks for an afternoon wake-up-the-creativity-receptors drink.

The tattoed lady leaves, and the guy moves forward showing his dollar bill to the cashier and asking for 2 rolls of pennies in exchange. Before I can even fathom why anyone would want two rolls of pennies, he has feverishly unwrapped one of the rolls and is tossing pennies in the air and shouting, "I'm making it rain, I'm making it rain!"

If you're new to Austin, welcome.