My house didn't have a "bad hair day".

Oh the endless joys of selling a home. We tried once back in 2008, but 6 weeks after putting the house up for sale, I was laid off. That home selling experience, while short, taught us a few tricks. I know all about packing up personal items and taking clutter off the kitchen counters so it looks move-in ready. I watch all those home staging shows, realty shows, home makeover's an addiction for sure.

What they don't tell you on those shows is how much you'll start to not like your realtor. She or he could be the most friendly person, with years of realty experience, but the moment when you realize that things aren't moving quick enough, because you really, really want to move, that realtor now can do nothing right. We are in that spot right now and it's all about the pictures. Note these pictures from then and now.

Almost the same angle, with the same lighting. Which photo looks more professional? or more inviting? And this example is her "best" photo. I'm fairly certain that my house didn't have a bad hair day and that's what resulted in the dark, dingy photos. In her defense, she is bringing in a pro photographer later this week to retake pictures. The clock is ticking...I'm ready to move!
Photo taken in 2008.

Photo taken in 2011.


Ms. W said...

Yep! That's why I took my own photos when I had my house listed back in 2003. No one can take pictures of your own house like you can. I suggest you send her a batch of your own photos and politely ask her to switch them out! :)