Let's get back to blogging.

So that little unplanned hiatus I took from writing anything the last two weeks is over. I'm finally breathing again. There was a point where I had so much happening all at once that I felt like I had bitten off way more then I could chew. Let's recap:
  1. My house is on the market and although I've filled a lot of cardboard boxes, I have a lot more packing to do.
  2. I'm the new marketing chair for this fabulously fun group: www.atxswap.com (I'm in the middle of redesigning the website, so check back in a few days...)
  3. My day job has been filled with attending and planning tradeshows all over this big state.
  4. I have 3 freelance projects on my plate.
  5. My husband is training for his first Ironman in May, and our son is involved in 2 sports and an academic competition.
So does that get me off the hook for not writing?