What were they thinking?

My company has a top level position open, and I've been asked during the last several weeks, to help conduct second round interviews. An assistant sends me a meeting request via Outlook and attached is the person's resume and cover letter.

It's a good thing I didn't see the resumes during the first round, or I would have never called them in to begin with. These are true items I've discovered within these documents:

1. the title that you are applying for should be spelled correctly
2. do not name your document: "newversion_1107.doc"
3. do not mention bizarre hobbies
4. make sure if you use someone else's template to delete the "remove this part" text
5. please set up a free and appropriately named e-mail address if yours is "missthang@...."
6. and lastly, do not mention your mother and how she helped you acquire a previous job!


Ms. W said...

Oh wow! Seriously?

Perhaps you should become an editor/proofreader...not a designer! :)

Mrs. C. said...

HA!!HA!! too funny; maybe you should be in HR!!!