Pancake Wars

There is something devilish about eating semi-sweet chocolate chip pancakes early in the morning.

IHOP used to have the best version. When a new location opened near us, I ordered the cakes with high hopes of being taken back to childhood memories of cutting into the stack and melty chips clinging to my fork. The waitress instead brought me a cocoa version with runny batter in the middle! She apparently was also a magician and disappeared after the delivery of our breakfast. I complained through the corporate website, and was sent an auto-reply with my last name spelled wrong, was told there is a buttermilk version, and promised a call from the local franchisee, but that has yet to occur. Attention to detail is huge with me, and they really missed the mark.

This morning it was just Nick and I, so I treated him to breakfast at the Village Inn. He ordered my favorite, and I knew I'd be able to gleen a few bites off his plate to satisfy my morning sweet tooth. Lo and behold, they are the clear winner! Not only are the chips stirred into the batter, but they drizzle chocolate sauce on top of the stack too - yummmmmmmy! Thanks to Heather, our waitress, for bringing extra napkins to clean a smiling chocolately face. I hope Nick will grow up to indulge once in awhile in the sweet pancakes.


Ms. W said...

Sounds yummy!

Mrs. C. said...

Now I HAVE to eat some:)