Caution: child crossing

Do you ever feel like weird things only happen to you? Today I was run over by a shopping cart.

I leave work early on Tues. and Thurs. to pick up Nick at the bus stop. Today we had to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart to purchase some mailing supplies. The in and out trip should have lasted only 10 minutes, instead it was just inside an hour.

Normally you can gauge the behavior of other shoppers, where they are about to turn, their pace...but you cannot be prepared for a person that barrels around the corner. Into my ribs she crashed, knocking me off my feet and pulling Nick down with me since we were walking hand in hand. It was a tweenager and her mom, who was clearly embarrassed for being in such a hurry.

Nick escaped injury, but I have a visible bruise that is as purple as the shirt I wore. I shudder to think how banged up Nick would be if he had been on my other side.

Perhaps an insurance company will come up with a defensive drivers course in shopping cart safety. Good grief!


Ms. W said...

Yikes! That's terrible... But, I must admit, I've bumped someone's booty before! :) But, never plowed into anyone.

Mrs. C. said...

OM Goodness!! I hope they apologized to you both!!