We live many miles away from any relatives, so during the holidays, it's important for us to create traditions with Nick. One of these is the annual selection of our Christmas tree from a tree farm.

Out of the 7 years we've lived in Texas only 2 years we did not visit a tree farm. The first year we lived in a second floor apartment, and the second year we were moving into our newly built home with a newborn, just two weeks before Christmas.

Visiting a tree farm each year is so fun with all the memories that can be created. Walking into the field was a hand saw and a hot cider. Nick munching on sugar cookies made by the owner while riding the hay filled trailer. It's one of those Norman Rockwell type days.

A few weeks ago we received a letter from the farm we have been loyal to these past years. They had closed the tree farm permanently due to the owner's ill health. The trees weren't able to be properly cared for, and they were hanging up the saws. John and I were both saddened. What would we do now?

I've been carefully researching other tree farms in the area. On Saturday, the new farm I discovered will have to prove their worthiness of our tradition.


Ms. W said...

Keep us posted on your findings! :)