Traditions, part two

So today was tree farm day. Loading ourselves into the truck, we had great anticipations. Would they really have the hay rides, hot cider, and strong scent of pine as our past beloved tree farm?

Well, almost. We had a great hay ride, Nick climbed his first tree, and there was enough room for the two of us to sit side by side on an old oak swing. Kudos to the caramel apple cider, but it was too warm outside to thoroughly enjoy it. After all this, their tree selection was lacking.

But it's a tree farm you say, how could it possibly be lacking? The majority of their trees were in infancy, while those pre-cut and in the barn for choosing were much too big for my tiny livingroom. After much hemming and hahing, we cut down a 6ft. Leyland Cypress.

We entered the gift shop to pay for the tree, and the woman at the counter laid out a collection of 5 different holiday ornaments. She told Nick to choose one, and he selected the one pictured. It's a thank you gift with each tree purchased and has the name of the tree farm on the back.

Traditions aren't always perfect, but I won't soon forget sharing a swing with Nick, and watching him help daddy cut down the family Christmas tree.