25 days of bloggin'

Over at Haphazard Happenstances, there is a challenge for 25 days of bloggin'. I knew if I joined in, I wouldn't have to explain my blogging absence. So here I am.

There is a lot on my mind lately, mostly related to my job. Perhaps it would do me good to air my dilemma, but to err on the side of caution, I won't give details. Let's just say that I'm actively seeking something else, since it is not healthy to come home each day as stressed out as I am. If you hear of any openings in graphic/web design, or search engine marketing/optimization, I'm all ears.

On a happy note, I found pants today that fit! My friends know that I despise shopping, but I couldn't wear the same two pair of pants to work anymore. Geoffrey Beene and Papaya received my business today, thank you very much.

The 3 of us were in a Christmas parade today. (I keep saying "today" as if it's still Saturday, but I'm writing this at 1am Sunday). We've been part of the on-lookers for 7 years, so it was an unusual feeling to ride down the middle of the street. Afterwards we wandered among all the vendors selling their wares, and glanced over to notice a new storefront for Runtex. It reminded me that I wouldn't have had to buy new pants if I had kept up with my running!


Ms. W said...

Happy to see you again! Sorry you are stressed out at work. I agree... no good for anyone - especially moms!

Hopefully something will come about soon!

Mrs. C. said...

Yeah!! It's good to hear from you!! Sorry though to hear things are stressful:( But remember things always work out:)