How to make mommy cry

This Friday will mark my little guy's last day at the only school he has ever known. He attended a half year of preschool, and graduated kindergarten this Spring. He graduated with a cap and gown, completed by a rolled up sheet of paper that was transformed into a telescope on stage. He wore his shined up "fancy shoes" as he calls them. We gave him a big boy analog watch that he had to show every staff member, "It's my graduation watch!".

Today I filled out a form listing Friday as his last day. When I picked him up, I asked him to run it inside to the office. A long minute passed and he came running out a bit sad. He said, "I gave the letter to Miss Tina and she was sad I was going away and asked me for a hug." So did you hug her? "Yeah, I told her I was big now, and it was time for me to move on."