Not quite bikini ready

I've been avoiding this topic, but it's time to address my weighty issue. Last summer I weighed 110 lbs. Don't boo or hiss at me please. I have a petite frame, and have been lucky enough to hold that steady weight my entire adult life (subtracting the year I was preggo). I don't diet, I exercise minimally, and can eat whatever I want. Now you can boo and hiss.

I went to my doctor recently, and told her I didn't think I needed to be on a prescription drug that I have been on since last summer, and also why did I gain a bunch of weight when I wasn't doing anything different?

"Oh," she replies, "one of the side effects of the drug is weight gain." Excuse me? This was not disclosed to me last year WHY? I suppose I could have googled the drug and looked up all of the information, but that's what doctors get paid to do: inform their patients.

So here I am - 23 pounds heavier, and I feel the need to bill my doctor for new pants.


Mrs. C. said...

Hopefully now with you off the drug the weight should just fall off!!:) Sorry we didn't get to catch over the weekend. Give us a call next time you're in town!!:)