Office Supplies 2

So you've read my plight for a box of bulletin board tacks. Now here is my boss' experience yesterday with the OSP.

Him in an e-mail to OSP (office supply person): When you place a supply order tomorrow, please get us one pad of tracing paper, 2 pair of large scissors, and a black Epson printer cartridge XWJGTN.

OSP replies: There is too much to assume in your order. Please specify the type of paper you are wanting and the brand of scissors.

Boss replies to OSP: Any brand of scissors will do and a pad of tracing (see-through) paper.

OSP: You should have a new Office Depot book in your area for reference on the brand of scissors you need. I have not heard of pads of tracing paper.

Boss now frustrated, grabs the catalog, and spells out a page number, catalog number, brand of scissors, and price, all while muttering how some people make it through the day. Quite hilarious.


Ms. W said...

Sounds like OSP needs a new job! :)