I've come across a few random items that are worth sharing. And these are really random!

First up is the Hanes Perfect Panty. A bit odd to jump right into underwear, but the discovery at Target made my day. They eliminate panty lines and stretch kind of like a pair of nylons. Super comfortable, and no having to maneuver them back into place throughout the day. Love 'em!

Another discovery, but sorry, it's only for the Austin locals. Austin Tidbits e-newsletter is sent out bi-weekly with tips on where to shop, eat, or find some music. Go check it out today, my thrifty friends, for the low-down on some cool thrifty shopping! I have no idea on how I found their site, but I'm glad I did.

Also for the locals, there are 3 gas stations near my office that are still less then $3/gal. Quick go before they change their mind! Don't know where I work to find them? Too bad for you! :-)

Lastly is the Hug Shirt. Just visit the link to fully comprehend this concept. It's cool - what will they think of next?