Some of everything

I received an e-mail this evening from the play director, and I was not awarded one of the parts. The cast only had 6 available spots, so I really don't feel bad at all - the odds were not great. :-) I will polish my monologue and try again when another play comes around that I'm interested in.

One of my co-workers is on the brink of being fired. This individual tends to arrive around 11 or 11:30 am, leaves for lunch at noon, and is out the door by 5:30. It will be bittersweet to see them go, but it will be good for me in the end.

I have been on the challenge to get toned up, which is strange for me to have to count calories. I've never been on a diet, and have somehow gained about 15 pounds in just a few months. Friends say I look fine, but it's wasn't "fine" to have to go buy new pants. If you know my e-mail address, you can sign up to be one of my challenge buddies. Join me!