Guilty as charged

Fill in the blank: "I really don't like__________________." (liars, slow moving cars, elderly people taking up the whole grocery store aisle) Now have you ever done it? Have you been the slow moving car or told a lie? My fill in the blank answer is "seeing women put on makeup in the car". It drives me absolutely bonkers! Get up a few minutes earlier and take care of yourself BEFORE you leave the house. There is nothing more exasperating then sitting behind a woman who is putting on mascara when the light turns green and she is oblivious to the fact.

Today I was that woman. Sorry.


Ms. W said...

Haha, funny! (I'm that woman in the store with the three year old crying for a piece of candy. For the love of all that is good, give the kid the candy! I'm with ya!!)

Mrs. C. said...

Too cute!! I'm the woman with the three screaming kids taking up the whole aisle in the grocery store:)

Leigh Ann said...


Thanks for the laugh.

Cheers! LA