More shopping

Yesterday we were milling around Austin and decided to check out the new Domain shopping center. I have an uncle who played a direct role in the inner workings since his engineering firm was awarded the contract. I didn't know what we were in for.

I *assumed* it would be like other outdoor shopping centers. Whoopee. But nooooo...this was like a little mini city with apartments and such. I loved it. Did I just say that? Yes, there is finally a shopping center that I love.

We made the requisite trip into Neiman Marcus just to sniff it out. As we wandered between $1,400 shirts, and $410 cropped pants, we listened to a techno guy spinning records - yup, records. Other must see places are Borders books-many bargains to be had, White House/Black Market for versatile career clothing, Tiffany & Co.-I'm on the hunt for a new men's wedding band since hubby's is wearing through, and California Pizza Kitchen - I could write a whole entry on their great food. Oh and I can't forget The Steeping Room which is a haven for tea lovers.

Plenty of trendy clothing at this upscale center, and the bargains are there if you know where to look. I will be back!