Shop til I drop

I am one of the few women on the planet that does not like to shop. For me, it's a chore, and quite frankly I'd rather clean my house, then attack a mall. Money isn't even the issue. I could go and buy new clothes and shoes, I just have no desire. (And my husband loves this about me!)

I feel like I'm stuck in a weird age for dressing. I'm 32, so can I get away with wearing the cute peasant tops in the juniors section, or am I restricted to wearing lace collars and embroidered holiday tee shirts in the misses? It's tough being a petite mom and needing to "dress the part". I've been against the rules for a long time, and this mom won't be wearing a pumpkin sweater anytime soon...but that peasant top doesn't quite look right either. *sigh*


Ms. W said...

Same problem here. I want to look "hip" in some respects, but not silly.