Have I really been so engrossed in so many projects, that I haven't stopped to write? Oops. So where have I been? I've been hiding in our new library, mostly in the non-fiction section. Reading everything from Flash books to true crime stories.

Then there's been the few late(r) than usual nights at work preparing my presentation for a convention this upcoming week. It'll be my chance to prove myself to be able to present at a national convention in Vegas. We have relatives who live there that we haven't seen for 4 years, so it's high time for a visit.

I also created a new website for myself. I've been picking up some extra side work that I do after our son goes to bed, or when he and daddy want to have "a guy's day" on the weekends.

One project that I haven't been able to tackle is running the marathon tomorrow. I can't seem to get past going out for a run when it's cold, and it certainly has been chilly lately. This has seriously hindered my training. So I'm going to start all over and really kick my hubby's pants in '08. I only had about 6 months to prepare for this year, so just imagine where I can be having a full year of training!

And lastly, my son and I found ourselves at a craft store this afternoon digging through a $1 bin of rubber stamps. He found one with XOXO on it, and thought daddy would like a card for the marathon. So we loaded up on stamps and ink and hid out in my home office with paper, punches, and markers too. I found a postal edge scissor in my drawer, and when showing daddy his creation he said, "Look at my fancy scissor cutting!"