Today my husband, son and I went to a new church, and it was quite an eye opening experience. I grew up as a hard core Catholic and we never missed Sunday mass or a saint's day. And it didn't matter if I had gone during the week at the Catholic school, my family still attended on the weekend.

Because of all this church, the last couple of years I felt "churched out". I had heard all the sermons before, could sing the songs without the hymnal, and knew the prayers inside out. Sitting in rigid wooden pews, with a somber hushed air just wasn't what how I wanted to spend an hour anymore.

The new church jolted me awake with the bass guitars, drums, and lively choir; the comfortable chairs (no kneelers!), the stage and the television screens. This was church? The sermon was about marriage and how men and women are wired differently. The pastor and his wife both spoke. A complete 360 from a Catholic church where priests are not married, and female priests don't even exist - or if they do, are excommunicated by the Vatican.

I really don't care what religion people are (this church is non-denominational), but everyone should have a place they can go to for support and advice and to be welcomed. Thank you C. for keeping after me to try out your church. We'll be back.


Ms. W said...

YAY! That's my church too! I'm so glad you tried it out! Maybe I'll see ya next time! jxbdekh

Ms. W said...

Ooops! Sorry about the jibberish at the end of my last message! That's actually the security code to leave a comment! DuH!


I'm glad C got after you to go. I saw her yesterday and she didn't even mention it to me!

Annie said...

Good for you!!! Sounds a lot like the church service I go to. Very upbeat and fun! Who would have thought! :D