The bulk of the story.

I took our 5 yr. old to a large supermarket that has several new aisles full of bulk foods with the intent to get treats for his 100th day of school party. Everything from flour to dried mangos, and we end up with gummy worms and Sprees. And a short sidetrack, why can you never find Sprees in the silver rolls anymore? Whatever.

The point of this story is that because of this trip, I now cannot stop eating trail mix. I bought one pound of "Chocolate Nut Crunch" and the grocer is laughing behind my back because he knows there is some addictive ingredient that I have not yet determined. Last night I returned to the store to purchase our weekly groceries and had to buy another pound.

Is there such a thing as "Almond Overdose" or "Chocolate Covered Raisin Syndrome"? I might need professional help. Perhaps my friends will gather for an intervention.