More random thoughts.

Today is my last day of solitude, since my guys will return from their trip late this evening. I have a lot to do in the next few hours to ensure a perfect homecoming. Groceries to buy, laundry to wash, and applying my favorite shade of lipstick for lots of kisses.

I've gotten better at running this week. Nearly every day I took Daisy the dog for a run or walk. She's more interested in running and dragging me along. It's good motivation though. If I can keep up with her, then I'll be a hard body in no time!

Last night the air filled with the sound of nearby sirens. I needed to go find some dinner and figured I'd come across whatever incident was prompting so many emergency personnel. I walked out to my driveway and the air was filled with smoke and I could see flames just a few blocks over. A house was engulfed in flames with thick plumes of smoke. 4 fire trucks were working to extinguish it while also watering down the next door house in case of flying embers. I don't ever recall seeing a house fire and it was so brilliant yet tragic.