Bread Crumbs

I've been a little worked up the last few days trying to decide whether or not to move my little homemade bread website into more of a business venture. My husband and I visited a shop on the historic square in our town and have decided to go for it. In fact we'd be crazy not to. Since bread is considered produce, we didn't have to sign a contract, nor do we pay any monthly space fee. We'll be sharing the space with a girl I know that currently has her veggies and dried herbs on display. Our only costs are (of course) making the bread, and packaging.

Oh yeah - they also want to know how much bread I can delivery by Saturday for the downtown festival. Uh - yeah...I'll get right on that! Whew.

So help me out dear readers. I have some seasonal bread flavors in mind, but what would you like to see? I'm also close to nailing down the prices, but what would you pay for a loaf of homemade - not bread machine! - bread?