Is "autumnized" a word? It is now.

Something about the air turning cooler puts me in a baking mood. Perhaps it's a flashback to wintery days spent in the kitchen making rosettes with my dad or eating lefse. Now it's my turn to carry on these traditions.

I stopped in a local gourmet kitchen store today where my son and I were treated to a cooking demostration. I sampled toffee cappucino and he was delighted when the chef presented him with a cup of homemade cherry sorbet. The chef had also just removed a crysanthemum shaped bundt cake from the oven that smelled divine! We wandered aimlessly around the store checking out all of the gadgets and goodies, which turned into some prime one on one time with my son. He is fascinated with cooking and baking and just had to know about everything in the store. His favorite birthday gift was a kid's Emeril cookbook! (thanks Heather!)

We ran a few more errands and picked up a pecan pie scented candle and a pine broom from Georgia soaked in cinnamon. I hung it above the fireplace and now my home feels "autumnized". I made a pan of rice crispy treats with a chocolate chip frosting that upon inspection minutes ago, has already been broken into with more then a whole row missing - they must be good! :-)

I'm off to make my first batch of lefse. The dough needs to be made and refrigerated overnight. What does that mean anyways - overnight? How many hours is it? I tend to be up late, so if I make the dough at 11pm and want to grill it at 8am, is that enough time? I'm a bit nervous since lefse is so closely tied to my memories of holidays, that I have to get it right on the first go or I could be ruined. I will post tomorow with the results!