1 down...

This morning I jumped out of bed at 6:30am and I'm most definitely not a morning person, but today was different. I ran my first real race since jr. high track, and back then my little legs had trouble sprinting against the tall girls; some things never change. This race was a local 5k, and I cursed nearly every step of the way. Whose idea was it to incorporate so many hills into such a short distance?

I lined up at the start right on the front lines. I knew I wouldn't finish anywhere near first, but it was fun to be upfront with all the serious runners. I look to my left and see track stars, and look to my right and see track stars. And there I was: a mom with a 5 year old standing in the middle. (click on the photo to enlarge)

The starting gun went off and before I could lift my foot off the mat, about 50 people sprinted past me. That was the first sign of trouble. They beared down and beat it around the corner while I'm still waving to my husband and 5 yr. old on the sidelines.

Fast forward to the finish line. All I really wanted, was to finish ahead of somebody. Turns out that although I walked through the hilly parts, I still managed to finish in the top 20 of 30-39 yr. olds. There were 21 women in my age group and I was #20.