Shock and Awe

I'm normally a patient person, but if a person or business does me wrong, then watch out because this petite mama turns into the Incredible Hulkette.

My family of 3 headed to our downtown for a major Christmas festival. Cars are parked on both sides of neighborhood streets, which allows for only one car to drive in one direction at any given time. That's problem #1. The city needs to put barricades on one side for parking to allow for normal traffic flow. But that would be too easy of a solution, and our city doesn't tend to think logically.

As we approached an intersection, I had the right of way, no stop or yield signs. I *should* have been able to continue through the intersection to the next block. The intersection I was approaching had stop signs for traffic to the right and left of me, but were these people stopping? NO. They were sitting in the middle of the intersection because one woman in an SUV the size of a small U-haul couldn't get through because of the cars parked on both sides of the street.

We were completely stopped and a man from one vehicle and a woman from a different vehicle each approached my car and started beating on our car windows and CURSING that I was in THEIR way and that I should back up down my street to allow her through! EXCUSE ME!?! I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! I didn't not say anything back or even look in their direction. I had my 5 yr. old in the car for cryin' out loud. The giant SUV woman needs to turn the other direction and get out of everyone's way. But she is one who is cursing at me that the street is blocked. No ma'am it's not blocked. I can clearly see that you could opt to turn the corner instead and then I can proceed forward to the festival. A CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL and folks are acting like this!

So the SUV woman finally gets through and now since she is no longer blocking the intersection, and since I have the right of way, I should be the vehicle to continue on my way. But no, this continues and gets worse. I could have written down license plates of SIX cars that continued to go through the intersection without STOPPING at the stop signs on their street. Oh don't pull crap like this on me, so I got my car out into the intersection to stop them from continuing so I can proceed on to the next block.

And they continue to get out of their cars and CURSE at me. Seriously folks where did you learn to drive? YOU HAVE STOP SIGNS I DON'T! They are yelling at me, "the street is blocked you can't go that way!" I'm thinking to myself, "Oh really. Then where are the barricades blocking it off, because from what I see, I can proceed forward not one but 2 blocks closer to the festival and park in the alley behind my place of employment. Yeah that's right you dumba**es. I work downtown and I know which streets get blocked ahead of time and THIS is not one of them."

When I finally parked the car, my husband was fuming from the events that had unfolded, and my little guy grabs me hand, and says, "it's ok mom. I'm on your team and those people are naughty." It turned into a warm, fuzzy moment knowing that I had taught him right from wrong how we treat people.


Ms. W said...

Sounds like glad tiding and joy for everyone. We skipped the stroll this year. Hope the experience got better for y'all.