Thoughts of a 5 year old

There is no such thing as a typical ride to school when it comes to taking our son to kindergarten. He amazes me with his think out loud thoughts, usually leaving me with a grin on my face. This morning was no different. At a particular intersection we sat and waited for the light to turn green. To the left of the light, is a pasture that I've never paid much attention to - until today. "Mom look!", comes an exclamation from the backseat. "Those two cows are friends." Hmm. The simple fact that they are standing next to each other makes them friends. What a nice idea.

We continue up the road and he says, "Look at that big group of birds in the sky." I reply, "wow there are a lot of birds. They're probably flying around looking for breakfast." To which he very matter of factly states, "Nah, they already ate. They're just looking for a power line to stand on."