Where is Miss Manners when you need her?

If we all used our manners, wouldn't this be a better place to live? Is it really so tough to be polite and acknowledge others? Perhaps it was the way I was raised, to write thank you notes for every gift, to send grandma a handwritten card on her birthday, and to rsvp to invited events.

Oh yes. That's the one that has me spacey today - rsvp's. You see, in 2 days we are having a birthday party. We've mailed invitations, made location arrangements, picked out party favors and games to play. This article explains rsvp's best.

Don't get me wrong. I've been part of the "I know the invite is around here somewhere" crowd, and have replied a day or two past the date. But no response most definitely feels like a snub and it's tricky to explain to the birthday child when an inquiry is made about whether a particular friend is coming to the party, and I reply, "I don't know. They must not be using their manners to let us know." So what to do? Have the best birthday party ever with all the friends that have manners!

*for anyone reading this that was an invitee, be sure to note the sarcasm. HA! ;-)*