Sweet Tooth

I love this time of year, simply because it gives me permission to indulge in holiday treats without guilt. From now through Easter there will be an abundance of goodies to keep my sweet tooth (more like TEETH) happy. For my family it all starts with the October birthdays. I made this racetrack cake complete with mini trophy, last week for my son's 5th birthday. The kids loved it and it was so easy to do. 3 days later we were eating the leftovers for my husband's birthday. He doesn't seem to mind that he didn't get his own cake.

The same week as the birthdays, my son's school was having a Fall carnival and I signed up to bring a cake for the cake walk. I created this devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting in no time at all. I pulled up to the school on the day of the carnival to drop it off, only to be told it had been postponed due to the sizable amount of rain we had received. So I took the cake to work where my co-workers devoured it. I consider that my practice cake since I have to make another one this week. But I don't mind - I love to bake!


Cyndi said...

They look AWESOME (and yummy). Maybe you should make cakes on the side!!:)