Eating is good

Who doesn't like a well thought out meal? Even if it takes 5 hours to put together only for it to be devoured in 20 minutes (for example Thanksgiving), the oohs and ahhs and mmmhmms, are all the compliments a chef needs.

I'm one of those cooks who uses a recipe merely as a guide. I always follow it to a "T" on my initial attempt, but watch out for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th...experimenting with spices and textures adds an element of surprise, more often then not, a pleasant one.

I have found one free cooking magazine, and one free booklet, and although they are brand specific, it may just lend itself as a guide on your next kitchen experiment. You can get your own free magazines here, which is 40 pages, and HERE, which is around 60-70 pages.

Then, when you're done signing up for those, head to the kitchen and make Stilton Stuffed Baked Pears. Dee-lish!