We won?

I have a large yard. We live on the corner of our block, and our lot is more like a lot and a half. When we initially moved in, passers-by would inquire as to who to contact to purchase the lot next to our home. We'd answer, "That's all of our yard."

I think they've partly been confused because we haven't done any major landscaping. We planted some nice Bradford Pear trees along the street, rose bushes next to the house, and day lillies around our two oaks. But for the most part, it's a 3 hour job for my husband to mow just the lush, green carpet we have for a front yard.

And then there's the porch. It's quaint with the requisite hanging basket and a potted plant. Both of which I've neglected in the past couple of weeks and are literally half dead. (Seriously, the left halves of both plants are dead and brittle while the right sides are green. Weird.)

So imagine my reaction when we were presented this afternoon as the "October Yard of the Month", and received a nice size gift card to a local home store. I turned to my husband and said, "I better spruce up those plants before it's gets announced in the neighborhood newsletter."