A Pool Mattress or Clean Hair?

A friend of mine started a post of the week amongst fellow bloggers with random topics such as favorite rooms in your home to the items in your fridge. This week, I've been trying to think of one luxury item that I would take with me if I were to be on Survivor.

My number one choice, my computer, is automatically out, because then I'd also need electricity. Unless perhaps I can rig a way to run it on fossil fuel. My computer really is a luxury, considering it's an endless source of education on every facet of the world.

My number two choice, fudge, is also out, since it's a consumable product that could presumable keep me alive in the rainforests of Africa. I don't care how sticky hot it is outside, it is always a good day to eat fudge.

So I've whittled my list down to my new favorite hair product. Aussie Dual Personality Anti-Frizz Cream + Leave In Conditioner, which would keep my bleached locks smooth and shiny after bathing in the sea.

Oh, maybe an inflatable pool mattress to float around on..nothing more luxurious then drifting around the ocean at sunset. NAH! I'll go for the clean hair.