My Inner Celebrity

Have you ever been walking down the street and someone stops you and says, "Hey (Erin, Mandy, Shaniqua, insert random name here)!" but you awkwardly explain that no, that is not your name and it's a case of mistaken identity? Well apparently I have one of "those" faces. Which is kind of a compliment in a weird way.

My friend Ms. W, has discovered a website where you can upload your photo and it will show you side by side photos of the celebrities that you resemble. I uploaded 3 different photos just to see if I'd get the same results.

I look 88% like Jenna Elfman, and 87% like Christina Applegate. So does that mean that Christina and Jenna look 99% like each other? Hmm..I was never strong in math to figure that one out. And although I have a high percentage of resemblance, not once have I been mistaken in a crowd for either of these 2 ladies. Go figure.

You can test your own photos here and I'd love to hear who your inner celebrity is!