Spicy Mommas

I'm in marketing. That is to say I understand advertising, product messaging, and visuals that can convince me to buy a certain product or service. Oftentimes, I tune it all out. I don't always notice radio ads or television ads, kind of like how kids don't notice how they got a giant bruise on their leg. It's just there.

However I took notice when Facebook just served up this ad to me.
Does this mean I'm a spicy momma? Is that a boy band with a bowl of stew? I clicked, I mean, you would too, right? And I'm getting more confused:
Does it arrive in a crockpot with a really long extension cord? Do they know I live in Texas and we eat chili for just 3 days in February when the temperature drops below 60? But wait, there's more!
"Never be chili-less!" I once had a Whataburger employee tell me there were no chicken refills, (that's another story), but here I can have automatic chili refills! This would be amazing if I still lived in North Dakota where chili is a regular menu item on the weekly grocery list. I just can't even think about chili when it's 90+ degrees and we're peeling off clothing layers like phyllo dough.

Unless this company wants to send me some chili I won't be giving them any free advertising with a name mention. Just trying to protect my 2 readers...