No dimes needed

I try not to shop. I will do everything I can to take the utmost care of my belongings so they last years and years leaving me free time to do anything but head to the mall. I have a bathrobe in perfect condition that is 13 years old, and sandals that only went out to the landfill last month after having been worn for 8 years. And for the record, I was still getting compliments on them, so they were not out of style. I just couldn't take the prickly feeling they gave my soles after just a few steps.

For our recent trip to Europe I needed two items: a dual voltage curling iron, and a cross body bag tall enough to fit my iPad, but slim enough to not have enough space to carry everyone else's stuff. TGFA! That's "Thank God for Amazon" in case you're not on top of trendy acronyms (I just coined it, feel free to use it and launch it into viral outer space.). Skip the story ahead, I paid for two-day shipping and my items hadn't arrived in time. I had to go shopping.

Today I present two free offers that won't force you to go to the mall, and won't cost you a dime (I spent many dimes on my curling iron and cross body bag, again, no dimes needed here, unless you really want to spend them.). First up is BookBub. If there's one thing I do like to do, it's read. And read some more. I always swore I wouldn't be one of those people reading books on an iPad, but after schlepping 14 books on our last trip across the states (I read 7 books each way and was still counting cows to pass the time), I now have dozens of books on my iPad. BookBub is simple. Free to sign-up, check the categories for the books you're most interested in, and each day they'll send you an email with new selections. Now, I said no dimes were needed because they usually offer at least one free book (Yes free. Truly free!), and the other choices are significantly marked down. Addicting!

I know you've all heard of Snapfish, but did you know that if you download their app, they're now giving you 100 free prints a month for the next 12 months. What? Yeah. Definitely no need for dimes here either. My son took over 500 photos on our European trip across four countries, so this offer comes at the perfect time.

Off to check ebay where I am selling my dual voltage curling iron and cross body bag that arrived after our trip. Still not shopping...