Weekend Plug: Love Shack Burgers

Oh Ft. Worth, why did it take me 13 years of living in Texas to visit you? Dallas had all my love until I arrived on your doorstep Friday night.

This Weekend Plug is not about the museums I visited, not the WWII airplane flight I set-up for my my husband, nor is it about the historic Stockyards and twice daily cattle drive down the middle of the street. (Every time the longhorns tilted their heads towards numerous parked cars, there was an audible gasp that would arise from the gathered crowd. I wasn't the only one hoping the big cows wouldn't scratch up someone's paint job!) No, this plug is all about Love Shack Burgers. I wouldn't have given much thought to this restaurant hidden between two buildings if I hadn't first heard about them on one of our family-favorite shows, The Daytripper. Thanks for the tip Chet!

First of all, it's a cash-only joint. Don't stand in line ordering like we did without cash in hand first. There's an ATM on the sidewalk right next door, so you won't have to travel far to get a fistful of green. My husband ordered the "Dirty Love Burger", and said, "I would have never thought to put an egg, a quail egg, on a burger. Wow, was that good!" I ordered the "Boom Boom", but made the mistake of thinking the battered portobello mushroom would be on top of my burger. No, it's just a giant mushroom with all the fixin's. So if you want meat (umm, hello, you're at a BURGER joint!), then ask for a "Boom Boom Double." I've had plenty of mushroom topped burgers in my day, but this was extraordinary and my petite self ate every bite.

Live music on the stage, picnic tables covered with signatures from across the globe, stray kittens at your feet, Love Shack Burgers run by Chef Tim Love is a place that needs to be replicated here in Austin or I'll be putting a lot of miles on my car traveling to Ft. Worth for a burger.