I have a lot going on with projects and home life, so here are just a few ramblings from the past week.

Tree near my neighborhood pool.
  • It was a celeb filled week with running into Paul Qui of Top Chef fame where he was spied eating lunch with his girlfriend. The "where" he was eating lunch? IKEA. I also spoke via phone with Kyle Chandler aka "Coach Taylor" from the NBC series Friday Night Lights. I won't divulge the nature of the call, it was private business.
  • We are planning a dinner party in August which means I have about 4 weeks to do all the projects that I've been meaning to get done since we moved into this house almost a year ago. Deck canopies to install, patio furniture needing cushions, a bookcase needs to be built, and doorknobs need to be finished. Truthfully, the main floor knobs are done, so as long as guests don't venture upstairs, I can hold off on the knobs.
  • An item that I pinned to Pinterest about 3 months ago blew up in the middle of the night the other day. It's this: http://bit.ly/NBrwu0 Why the sudden interest? I have no idea.
  • I'm getting a bit of cabin fever with all the rain we've had this week, and not just rain, but big Texas size storms with damaging winds, hail and trees being uprooted. I even cleaned out the fridge and freezer once due to a power outage that lasted quite a few hours. I suggest you pretend to have a power outage once every few months and see what you can fit into 2 coolers. Perhaps you'll understand that eating apple pie while drinking grape juice because it doesn't fit, is perfectly normal.