DIY Project: Map

First credit where it's due goes to Christy over here for posting this idea. The instructions below are how I did this project and my personal results.

You will need:
  • map (cost about $8 from Barnes and Noble)
  • canvas (cost about $30 for 2 from Michael's)
  • mod podge (cost about $7 from Michael's)
  • sponge brush (cost about $1 from Michael's)
  • optional: a box of pins to mark all the places you've been
  1. Cut your map to fit the dimensions of the canvas with some overhang on each edge. I chose to cut my map directly in half to make 2 panels. Curse level: 5, because I bought a map with a border, and cutting off the border would result in the map being too small for the canvas.
  2. Crease the edges of your map around one of the canvas panels. This will help you align it properly because you bought a map with a border. Curse level: 1.
  3. Using your sponge brush, cover the back of your map with mod podge, (I chose satin finish) and place it over the canvas. Curse level: 3, since if I had bought a map without a border, I wouldn't have to be so particular about lining up the edges.
  4. Smooth out your map working from top to bottom and side to side. Now cover the top of your map with another layer of mod podge. It will look wrinkly and if you're a perfectionist, it will freak you out. Leave it alone for an hour to dry and it will (mostly) dewrinkle itself. Curse level: 3.
  5. Repeat with additional panels.Curse level: 5, since now you REALLY have to pay attention to matching up the borders on your panels, or when you hang them, they'll be all off.
Total cost: Less than $50
Time: Approx. 2 hours
Total # of curses: 17 out of a possible 25.
If I get enough beggars, I will take a photo that isn't "smokey" trying to disguise my wrinkly corners. 

I still need to buy a box of pins to mark all the places we've been. Anyone want to guess the number of states and countries?