Weekend Plug: Daiquiris

Free product endorsement? Sure why not! Welcome to the "Weekend Plug". Today's post is brought to you by a product that I stumbled on while in an allergy drug induced trip to the grocery store for essentials. You know, bread, milk, haircolor...I could not focus at all in the store. I had a list and a fistful of coupons, and yet managed to come home with said coupons still clenched in my hand, and half of the list not crossed off. I think we're surviving on a bag of green apples and one sweet potato this week.

I tossed a pizza in the cart for dinner knowing I was completely incapable of preparing anything more complicated with my runny Rudolph nose and eyes so bloodshot, I looked like I hadn't slept for a week. That apparently was also too difficult since it was in the oven for 20 min. and the middle was still cold. I digress... Anywho, around the corner of the freezer case were individual frozen pouches of pre-made cocktails. Namely, margaritas and strawberry daiquiris. The pouch even said, "The alcohol is in it!" How convenient. I will lie on the couch with my box of kleenex, cat napping on my toes, while eating half-cooked pizza and drinking a strawberry daiquiri that I don't have to drag out a blender to make. It even said I could drink it straight from the pouch. I'm not that lazy (ok, I did briefly consider it after hubby offered a straw). I found them at Wal-Mart for $1.97/pouch. Check them out here.