Miscellany Musings

  • I sat at a stoplight next to Jesse James on my lunch hour. Even though my phone is new, the camera is no good and can't even zoom.
  • I'll be out of town for several days next week, at our annual work conference. One of the "team building" outings is a winery tour. I never grew up enough to like drinking fermented grape juice.
  • I started a mental list of what I'd like in, around, or for my next house. I'm just worried that my "must have own mailbox" will be compromised. I really dislike community mail centers.
  • My son came home with a band-aid on the underside of his chin 3 days ago. He fell at school, and upon inspection I figured he could use one or two stitches. We decided to just let it heal on its own vs. the hassle of waiting in an emergency room for 4 hours. My Grey's Anatomy watching medical experience had me patching up my kiddo in no time. Last night I removed the bandage and it's healing quite nicely. I asked him if it hurt at all, and he replied, "only if you poke it." Duly noted: no poking of chin owwies.