I have no title today.

Last week was emotional. It all started last Tuesday when our realtor pounded her big yellow "For Sale" sign in my front yard. The house we built, the house where Nick took his first steps, the backyard where my 2 cats that I had since college are now buried, the three trees marking our 3rd wedding anniversary. It's all up for scrutiny, and I'm protective over who may take it.

Friday was my last day at work. I cried not because I will miss my favorite colleagues, but because I gave it my all, and was never told how valuable my work was until that last day. Bye-bye bad boss! I haven't felt this stress free in months!

Saturday brought me to the baseball field for Nick's second little league game of the season. He came up to bat, and with his first swing cracked off a home run. This is not t-ball anymore, but coach pitch! I cried big happy tears while yelling, "run buddy, run!" and as he came across home plate, he gave me a wide grin and thumbs up. I had to restrain myself from wanting to run into the dugout to hug him. He's getting to be a big kid and surely would have DIED if I had.

Procrastination time is over; the sea of brown cardboard awaits.


Ms. W said...

Too bad you Nick isn't a girl. He would have wanted a big fat sloppy kiss after crossing home base! :)

Glad you are stress free!! That's awesome! Of course, the stress from moving will kick in at any moment!

Moving is hard, but sometimes a change will do you good!