Hit and Miss

A few random thoughts I've been meaning to post, and there's no better time while I take a break at work...
  • While watching fireworks at a local baseball game, son says, "Wow, they're like a big stamp on the sky." I love that line.
  • After removing his training wheels and he rides down the street at top speed, son says, "It's like I'm free!"

Also two updates:

  1. My so-called boss never did buy the house in my neighborhood. He couldn't get the loan. Sweet peace!
  2. On the job news, I'm dropping the Dallas one. Something about that one just didn't feel quite right. On September 8th, I'll be meeting the Corpus Christi group in further detail. It's big step, and a company that's going places.


Ms. W said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad your boss didn't move next door. :)

Good luck with the job interview in CC. Hey, at least you'll be close to the coast if you decide to take it!