Stick to what you know

I felt so compelled to write about this, that I stopped what I'm doing at work and logged in to tell my story. Sonic Cheesecake Bites are gross and I want my $2.70 back.

I had a nice lunch with John and Nicholas, and on my way back to the office, I thought I would stop at Sonic and order their heavily advertised cheesecake bites to have as an afternoon treat.

Apparently the day their ad was due, the copywriter was ill. How do I know? For starters there is no mention that the bites are served hot. Hot cheesecake does not go down well. Had this factoid been mentioned, I would not be having this bad experience because I wouldn't order hot cheesecake, instead I'd opt for the Holiday Blast. I couldn't even give the other 4 away to co-workers when I mentioned "hot cheesecake".
Sonic, stick to what you know: burgers, coneys, and fruit slushes are yours, and leave the cheesecake to Eli's.


Ms. W said...

Yuck! Amen, sista!

Mrs. C. said...

Their Holiday Blast is yummy!!:) We had some the other night! Yeah, the cheesecake bites didn't look too appealing:(

Heidi ( said...

Oh yes. Gross. I don't frequent fast food joints, but every once in a while when we're driving we'll do an Arby's. We don't have Sonic up here, but Arby's must be the same company or something, because they also have these. Though I've never been too tempted...thanks for the warning!