Hypnotized Glitter

It doesn't get any more random than this:

1. Found Magazine is an unusual website to peruse if you want to kill some time. People submit items that they find such as a crumpled love letter, discarded photos, and odd drawings.

2. Language is a Virus is the best cure for writer's block with the various techniques and gizmos to get you back on track. (Thanks to their "Title-o-Matic" for today's blog title.) Oddly they also have a Found Objects section.

3. Lulu for the wannabe author. (See #2 if you need help.) I'm working on my first book and I'll let you know when it's available. Don't hold your breath.

Lastly for as long as I've had this blog, I've yet to hit 100 posts. I know, I should blog more, and I'm getting better about finding the time to do so. Anyways, I'll give away a box of chocolates (what else!?) on the day of the 100th post to one lucky reader. Stay tuned, it might be in time for Valentine's Day...


Heidi (minnesotamom.wordpress.com) said...

Ooh--thanks for the Language is a virus site...that is a lot of fun. And I have writers block a lot (except for when it comes to my blog, where it seems to be easy to babble on and on). I have one published poem, but I'd love to get a children's book done or something. What kind of book are you writing?